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About our Bugle Tee with the Life Time Warranty!​
Ready to help improve the environment with a golf tee that has a lifetime guarantee* and CONFORMS WITH USGA RULES?  
Then, the BUGLE TEE is for you!
* A unique top and built in stopper makes it easy to tee the ball up at a consistent height every time resulting in a more confident swing.  

* Made from a combination of durable yet flexible materials, the BUGLE TEE will outlast any other golf tee on the market. 

  The BUGLE TEE is available in two sizes and eight colors:  

* The 2 3/4” (1.5" from ring to top) is designed for the 420cc or 440cc head driver and is available in white & pink.

 * The 3 1/4” (2" from ring to top) is designed for the 460cc head driver and is available in black, blue, red, green, white, pink, orange, and yellow.  
More About our Bugle Tee and the Charity Donations!
Even if you put the tee on a slight angle the ball will not fall off thanks to its Bugle formed top.​​
It is easy to tee up at the same height every time thanks to the "built" in stopper.​​

The 2 3/4" tee is ​​​​
perfect for a
420 cc driver.

The 3 1/4" tee  is
perfect for a
460 cc driver.

​ * A portion of every sale, either on line or retail, goes to charity. Different charities for different Bugle Tee colors.

* Perfect as a tournament gift or makes a great gift for any occasion. 

* The BUGLE TEE can also be imprinted with custom names and logos. ​
To learn more about the BUGLE TEE, call free at 855-828-4538.
​ Wholesale ordering information is available.

Online information about our business and the charities we support, click here...

* BUGLE TEE REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE;  If a Bugle Tee fails, just send a picture to for verification, and we will replace it for free. 
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Here is the picture of the Wounded
 Warriors Golf School, Nov 2015.

Thank you so much for your support of the Wounded Veterans!


Peter Longo  began a Wounded Warrior Golf School 
in Phoenix in 2013 for US military personnel injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Expansion to Chicago in the summer of 2013.

Here is picture from Ahwatukee on March 24, 2013 where the Warriors got to test ...

​.... the Bugle Tee.
“Not only do I LOVE playing my Bugle T, what I love the most is that I won't have to buy another bag of wooden tees ever again! 

I have a driver swing speed between 105 and 110; I've used the Bugle T for approximately 25 rounds of golf.... and this tee is showing NO signs of breaking! 

It may be the last tee I'll every buy! Thanks Bugle T."​

Bugle Enterprises'
1st Bugle Tee Customer, Evan Danziger, Phoenix, AZ.
I just wanted to let you know how much my students love using the Bugle Tee! The juniors really like the different colors! As a professional player and instructor, I also think Bugle Tee is the best new product I've seen in the game of golf. Great job!  

Robert Weinmeier  
Professional Player and Instructor 
Legacy Golf Club​​​