This is what people are saying about us​
"My husband and I bought two bugle tees at the PGA SuperStore in Scottsdale, Arizona on my birthday in April. He lost his before we got home, but I have played with the same tee ever since every time I play golf which is four to five times a week. Recently I lost the tee on the last two holes of an 18 hole round, and I thought I had lost my best friend. Fortunately, someone in the group behind me found it and returned it. I have since ordered a new one for my husband and several for gifts. They are exceptional tees, and I would recommend them to anyone. Also, the service ordering them over the internet was great. Thanks for the great product."


- Connie Dinan, Duluth, Minnesota
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 ​"We met yesterday at the PGA Super Store in Scottsdale, and I was one of 4 guys from Rio Verde that spoke with you. First I would like to thank you very much for giving us each 2 of your new bugle tees to try. All of us teed up shortly after we left you and played a round. I think that the 4 of us all agreed that not only did the tee give us greater distance on our drives, but it also provided a much more secure platform for our ball. This last point may seem minor, but in a community of active adults (otherwise known as seniors), teeing up a ball is not as easy as it is for the younger folks playing the game. These may be that last tees I'll ever use since they seem to be indestructible . I think you have a great product, and should have great success in its adoption." 
"I first heard about your Bugle tee on the PGA radio network in an inteview with Brian Katrek. That is when I placed my first order. Have used the tees since January of this year. They are everything they are advertised to be. Some of my playing partners question the legality, but they even question my parenthood from time to time.

I recommend these tees to everyone, but most continue to be skeptical. I, myself, will continue using them as long as I play the game. My initial tees have played 20+ rounds and show no signs of wear.

Thanks for a product that is as advertised."
- Tom McNeely an ole golfer, Murray, KY
- Alan Ridzinski, Phoenix, AZ
"I work at Thornberry Creek Golf Course at Oneida and last Saturday a golfer handed me a bugletee. I used it today and had my most consistant day of drives. 

Thanks for the bugletee."​

-Mark Hein, Green Bay, WI
"I was a long time user of the yellow Brush Tee, and I have broken a couple of them during that time. I was asked to try the new Bugle Tee and I was hooked from the first tee shot!!! Now it is the only tee that I use. I now have them in my bag in CA (brought up from Phoenix, they are not available in CA that I can find). I like the way that there is no guessing how far to put the tee into the ground and I don't have to fight the ball to stay on the tee either. Just stick it in the ground, place the ball in the bugle and ***smack*** drive that tee shot! Thanks for recommending me to try these tees, they are great!"
-Laura Crawford,  Phoenix, AZ
"Be glad to tell you I bought two of them at the River Walk golf show in San Diego. They make me feel like I'm hitting off a mat at the range. Might be in my head but I am hitting the ball better than I ever have. One of those fix it for under a fortune deals. 
"I want to recommend the Bugle Long Life Tee to every golf player. I have used the Bugle Long Life Tee since I was a beginner. It helps me a lot; always at the same height when I use my driver and I don’t need a lot of wooden tees in my bag or pocket."  
- Paul in San Diego.
P.S. By the way the two pink ones are for my wife I think the consistent height will be a big help to her." 
- Micke Andersson, Arboga.
“Not only do I LOVE playing my Bugle T, what I love the most is that I won't have to buy another bag of wooden tees ever again! 

I have a driver swing speed between 105 and 110; I've used the Bugle T for approximatelyn 25 rounds of golf.... and this tee is showing NO signs of breaking! 

It may be the last tee I'll every buy! Thanks Bugle T."​
"I have added 20-40 yards to my drives and am mostly consistent which I attribute to the use of the Bugle tees. 

Thanks for the opportunity the Bugle tees give me for 
improving my game. 

Have a relaxing Thanksgiving." 

-Michael Peters, retired judge from Houston, Texas.
-Evan Danziger,  Phoenix, AZ
Purchased at PGA store in Scottsdale probably 6 weeks ago. Really like the tees for consistency off the tee box, durability and supporting your favorite cause. The colors are great also. Love this idea! Played about 30 rounds before I lost mine off the tee box and My wife broke her tee off the tee box about two weeks ago. The bottom of the tee broke.  She was very disappointed. I almost quit the round to go back to find my lost tee! Tried to purchase at local golf stores ....Golfsmith, Valley Golf Center, and Van's with no success. Glad I Found info on internet.  

We've told everyone about your tees. People like the idea of supporting a worthy Cause while teeing it up!  We are back teeing it up with our favorite tees!
"I have been using your Bugle Tees for 4 months and have not had any  break or encountered any problems. The "gang" I play golf with are of  "age and wisdom", encountering handicaps such as tremors. We have  found that even if your tee is slightly tilted, the ball still remains  balanced on the tee. 

I highly recommend everyone should try the  BUGLE ! It might be the last tee you'll ever need. I have converted  quite a few of the guys."
- Don Kline (week end "hacker"), Phoenix, AZ
- Marian Curtis in Peoria, AZ. 
"I have just recently returned to using my driver, I was not hitting well so moved to my 3 wood. After I received the bugle tee I started to use my driver again, I must say that I am hitting so much better and have found that I am suddenly consistent with the driver now. I am so much more confident now that I am using the bugle tee. I know that every time I se my ball up it is in the same postion each time, gives me so much more confidence when I step up to the tee. Thank you so much and I am so happy to have found the bugle tee will use nothing else. Thanks again, hope to see you on course soon."​.
"I've used the same bugle tee for two months now. It's very durable, even with my many mis-hits it's still unbreakable!! No more buying wooden tees or picking up the broken ones on every tee box. It sits at the prefect height for my driver."'ve used the same bugle tee for two months now. It's very durable, even with my many mis-hits it's still unbreakable!! No more buying wooden tees or picking up the broken ones on every tee box. It sits at the prefect height for my driver."
- Kevin Vonderscher, Phoenix, AZ
- Linda Beckman, Portland, OR
"I've come to be a leliever in the bugle tee. Up here in Green Bay, Wisconsin the golf seasons are short, so you want every tee shot to be straight and long. Since starting to use the Bugle Tee, that's exactly what has happened. My shots are down the middle and go that little bit further. I like the way the ball sits so easliy on the tee and how it's always at the same height. It's the only tee, I'll be using from now on. Thank you! (GO PACK- I had to throw that in!)" 
"You have a great tee - both sizes. I can lean the tee downward toward my fairway target and hit down and through - there is no resistance on the strike. I am sold. Par 3's are still a choice between a wooden tee closer to the ground and the Bugle. Depends on the elements that day. I'm a 8 handicapper."
- Roman Aleknavicius, Green Bay, WI 
- Curtis Chipman, Lakewood, CA
"What a great idea! Your tee eliminates the need for a bag full of tees. No longer do I have to reach in my bag for a tee and get stabbed in the finger. In addition, I always get consistent height when I tee the ball up and it's good for the environment. A product the golf industry has needed for a long time!" ​
Hello Brian (Katrek):
          I wanted to thank you for introducing me to the BugleTee tee. I have used several tees before and as you know there are many out on the market, none of them compare to the BugleTee. It has constantly given me 10 more yards off the tee box and my accuracy has improved tremendously. It has been music to my ears while teeing off. I have gained so much confidence using this product. 

Teronzo (tee) Helm 
Handicap, 10  
- Mark Blanchard, 1 handicap, Phoenix, Az.
"Found one on the golf course several months ago. Been using ever since. What a great tee."
"My second order great product"
​-  Paul W Ybarra in San Diego, CA
- Gerald B Curtis, Lilburn, GA
"After I ordered 10 small tees and 10 long tees separately, I found that 10 twin packs are cheaper. So I contacted the seller to change my order. Due to my first order was sent already, he suggests me a good deal; they will send 2 more free tees! Gooood customer service I've ever had. Also, he is always available to contact! Thanks. I am really satisfied their service!" ​
Dave and his team are first class. The customer service is extraordinary. The Bugle tee is worth every penny I spent. I have neuropathy as a result of Chemotherapy and can not put a golf ball on a normal wooden tee. The Bugle Tee is the perfect solution. And, it was gratifying to know that a portion of every sale of Bugle Tees is given to cancer research If you are looking for a long lasting, great tee...look no further than Bugle.   
- Jim Drewitz, Doss, Texas 
- Eunju Jung from Los Angeles, CA!
​I was playing golf with my great friend Tom McNeeley and he noticed I was not making proper contact on my drive. He gave a Bugle Tee on hole eight and I did not mishit a drive the rest of the round. I also added about 15 to 20 yards on every drive. It is time for Golfsmith, Edwin Watts and Dick's to wake- up. This is a fantastic tool to help anyone's game, but you cannot find these tees in any of their stores. Tees are guaranteed for life. If they break for any reason, you just return them to Bugle Tee and they send you a new one. I have spent tons of money on my game but this six dollar item is worth every penny in terms of a game changer. Michael Adams Been mishitting drives for 45 years but never again!!
I¿ve had the distinct pleasure of learning to golf on the Bugle Tee. Setting up my ball is so quick and easy to do. The stability of the ball on the tee is fantastic; it just does not fall off. You are extremely lucky if you find a tee and can not find the owner.

When a Bugle Tee is found, automatically it¿s viewed as a valuable golf accessory and most golfers will approach you to see if you left one on the driving green ahead of them. The most amazingly attribute of the Bugle Tee is there are no broken Bugle Tee¿s on the driving greens, no broken pieces that have been left lying around to be picked up by the grounds keepers. This is the most environmentally friendly golfing tee ever made. The company and Dave Crivelli are so amenable to replace a tee and make everything right, no questions asked. I will not use any tee but the Bugle Tee. 
- Michael Adams, Jackson, Tennessee
- Marcella Stewart, Kuna, ID
This is the greatest tee I have ever used. They are indestructible and best of all very easy to find after your tee shot. If one is damaged it is replaced free> I know after over a year of playing the tee it came apart. I called Dave and he sent me a replacement and in only three days I had it in hand. They make great gifts. I gave my golfing group all a set of tees for Christmas. I see plastic tees, wood tees and feather tees laying all over the tee boxes. You will not see a bugle tee laying around on a tee box!!!! It is great!!!!​
I have used tee for years. I had one that came apart, Dave went out of his way to fix it and gave new ones at nc. (GREAT GUY!) I have recommended Valley Golf stock this item.
- Mike Betts, Goodyear Az/Petaluma Ca 
- John Henry, Phoenix, AZ
I saw your ad during one of the tournaments and bought some at  the Pro shop in Scottsdale. Several places are selling the champagne tees, but they are nothing compared to the Bugle Tees. I'm starting to give them as gifts!

 Thanks for a super product!​
"I already have a 2 3/4" (as well as a 3 1/4"). However, one day, after finishing a hole, I reached in my pocket and realized that the one I use the most, the 2 3/4", accidentally fell out of my pocket. I panicked at the thought of no longer having a tee that always teed my ball up at the same height. I immediately walked back toward the tee box I last used it, trying to retrace my steps. Luckily, it was on the tee box as I had simply forgotten to pick it up. That made me realize I need to get a spare for fear of losing it again. Besides, of course, that I have used this tee since the end of last season and have never needed to buy a tee, even when hitting off of dry, hard tee boxes. These tees are the best."
- Bunny Arenz, Glendale, AZ
- Joseph Zaczyk, Erie, PA
I recently had the opportunity to try the Bugle Long Life Tee.
I first want to commend your product. It not only served its purpose well, but definitely outlasted long life tees I have used in the past. One thing I like about this tee in particular, is how well the ball stays on the tee. In the past, I have had trouble with this, using regular wooden tees, and other flexible long life tees. Another aspect of this tee that I found helpful was the fact that, very rarely, did I have to reposition this tee while on the driving range. With wooden tees it sometimes becomes bothersome to bend down and place a new tee each time I want to hit the ball. I did not have this issue during my last session at the driving range. Again I would like to thank you for your product and wish you a pleasant day.
My husband has played 3 times with his Bugle Tee and he's hooked! He reminds every time we play that he's using it and loves it! We recently walked 9 holes one evening before dark and I left my tee at the tee box. When the ranger came around I asked him to look for it. He thought I was nuts at paying $5 for a tee, until I explained I'll never have to buy another, ever! He came back with it and thought it was pretty nice! We are just more happy fans of the product!

 Thanks again!!!
 - Susan Stephens, Vancouver, WA
- Matthew Swartz, Phoenix, AZ
Several months ago I stumbled onto Bugle Tees on the PGA SuperShop website. Thought what the hell let’s try them out. I purchase three one for a couple of friends and one for myself. The tees are sensational allowing you to set your driver at exactly the same height every time, which for an average golfer like myself a great bonus. My results have been good and the Bugle has proven indestructible, even for me. The bonus is both my friends are equally happy with the Bugle Tee I gave them and have become Bugle spruikers now. The biggest problem is stopping others from coveting your Bugle, some even try standing on them (to hid them) after you tee off so they can spirit them into their collection. Great product and great conversation starter guys, well done
and thank you.
I came across the Bugle tee at the PGA super store. I bought one to support our troops. I really was not sure whether I would like it. Now that I have used it I am hooked. I tee-up more consistently and it is much easier to place the ball on the tee. I'm not usually in search of new products, but I definitely recommend this one.​
- Doug Crane, Johns Creek, Georgia
- Steve Westerweller, Australia
While checking out at a PGA Super Store last April in Tucson, Arizona, I saw these tees on the counter. So I thought , why not? Since then I have loved using that tee, being extremely careful not to loose it. However, this past week, it fell out of my pocket at an out of town course and I was devastated since it was the only one I had. I just placed an order for more and can't wait until they get here. In the meantime, I hope whoever found my tee enjoys it as much as I did!
I tried your tees and love them. They do indeed seem to be unbreakable. The hardest part is remembering to pick them up ! Thanks for as great product.
 - Jerry Esposito, New York
- Linda Notestine, Mt Juliet
I have played about 10 rounds with 1 tee at this point and there seems to be no end in sight. That little guy is super durable. However, my favorite aspect is that I just tee the ball up and swing away. I no longer have to worry if I got my tee height just right. This takes that thought out of my mind on the tee box and has lead to more confidence and better drives. This is a fantastic product from great guys with a honorable mission who care about their customers. I'll certainly be buying more, if not for myself then as gifts.
We are looking for distributors and retailers all over the world. Please give us a call or send an email to
- Ryan Kessler, Alexandria